About Us



On FEBRUARY, 1972 ALPHA POOLS was founded by an Innovative Engineer in anticipation for the country’s need of a Pool Contractor who will provide the necessary expertise and latest technology on Swimming Pool Construction and Filtration.


            It officially started business with a modest capital, small work force and minimal inventories dealing primarily on Swimming Pool Construction, Maintenance, Filtration and Services. Aside from these lines, ALPHA POOLS ventured into trading of Industrial and Agricultural Equipment as well as Steel Fabrication and its main concentration is focused on Swimming Pool Construction.


            Due to its outstanding sales performances, ALPHA POOLS, from a modest business outfit has grown into a viable business entity. Succeeding sales performances continuously outfacing prior year sales goals, this can be attributed to the quality of sales and services in giving to its Clients.


            Encouraged by the continuing success and with the commitment of providing the latest technology in this field, ALPHA POOLS has adapted new techniques. The traditional method of concreting, the Poured Concrete was improved by using the MONOLITHIC SHOTCRETE (wet cement with aggregates) method.  Additional options were offered like SPA, WHIRLPOOL, FOUNTAIN, WATERFALLS, CASCADE, TURBO-HYDROJET and FIBERGLASS REINFORCED WATER SLIDES, Wide choice of interior finish like Ceramic Tiles / Marble Tiles / Epoxy Rubber Paints / Liquid Tiles / Urethane and Acrylic were also offered.


             ALPHA POOLS posted tremendous sales gain due to these innovations, which were applied to give full satisfaction to its Clients. With this continuous progress, ALPHA POOLS continuously increases its labor force of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Craftsmen, Plumbers and Technicians, likewise its inventories of Equipment such as Filtration Equipment Accessories, Spare Parts, Chlorinators, Pumps, Electric Generators Sets, Concrete Pumps and Spraycrete, Air Compressors, Jackhammers and Transit Mixers.



            With its record sales, ALPHA POOLS was tapped by reputable Foreign Manufacturers and Suppliers to handle their products like PENTAIR POOL PRODUCT, RAINBOW LIFEGARD PRODUCTS and HYDRO-TECH CHEMICAL CORPORATION.



            Today, ALPHA POOLS has consistently maintained its commitment of providing appropriate technology and technical expertise in line with the country’s development needs. Indeed, ALPHA POOLS still remains “THE LEADER AND TRENDSETTER IN THE POOL INDUSTRY.”